55 fiction seems to be the latest craze in the blogosphere. With everyone doing their versions of 55 fiction I thought I would give it a try too. As all my posts are based on my experiences, so even these are not a work of fiction, but based on true life incidents.


After an extensive search in the mall, they finally found the perfect ring.
While the salesman was packing it, he said to the girl " You're very lucky madam !"

The girl looked at him with teary eyes and a wistful look and said " Yes, I'm lucky to be his best friend, but not lucky enough to be his life partner".


Man : Hey ! little boy, come here take the chocolates.
Boy: Mommy told me not to take chocolates from strangers.
Man: Don't u know me kiddo? I'm Mohan Uncle's friend.
Boy : (takes it) Thank you Uncle.

As he eats the chocolates his vision blurs, he feels lifeless. The man shoves him into a car.
With all his energy the boy shouts one last time Maaa!

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