I am :
A very simple being; involved like everyone else in the parallel processes of creating my identity and finding my identity.
A catharsis of sorts.
A melee of many contrasting attributes and emotions haph-hazardly mixed together.
A dreamer ! I see the good in every one. I've led a very pampered n sheltered life-so to me the world is still a very utopian place.
Soft and relenting but unrelenting at times.
Sometimes moody and cynical, whimsical.
Like to share my beleifs in reality, but love to dwell in dreams.
May not be always liked but often admired.
Most of times sweet towards sweet persons,but readily cloying towards big mouth and snooty people. I believe in tooth for a tooth n nail for a nail.
My sense of humour flickers sometimes but at times I can be very boring,
Need to be needed, short tempered and sulky at times[not always], very emotional and sentimental.
Usually I like staying wid my friends yet at times I can be very anti-social.
My best friend is the 'hope bird'. For I have seen in the winters of my life when all other birds fly away in search of summer sky, the 'hope' bird stays and sings the sweetest.
I love independence, though at times like to be humble to listen to particular persons!! At times I like to be lead by them.
Don't have much patience but at times patient.
Love procrastinating though has to pay for it.
Strive to be content and optimistic,
Hate hypocrisy and hypocrites also hate preaching and getting suggestions in preachy way!

A little bit of cryptic and enigmatic but  still a fun loving, easygoing, chirpy girl at the core.