Before I was myself, you made me , me

You taught me to take my first steps

You listened patiently to my chatter as a kid

And u understood my silence too

You gave me hug when I needed one

You gave me the strength to face the failures

And u taught me to smile in pain

You always shielded me from the troubles

You worked incessantly to fulfill my wishes

Without your love, I would have never succeeded

You loved me till I learned to love.

So it was through love you made me.

I’m sorry for the times I caused you pain

But love for you will always remain

How much I love u I can’t say

It’s more than the words can contain

Thank you for loving me mom

You mad me, me

Or else I would have been

Unborn and unknown, unloved and alone.

Wish you a very Happy Birthday mom

I wish you all the pleasures of the life

I wish you many years of laughter

Most of all, I hope you will always be

As happy as you have made me.

-written by: Anonymous, Editedby : Me