Its exam time and here I am updating my blog. This is my last post before the exams , so its got to be about the much dreaded exams.

In my opinion one can never have a good day and when its exam time bad luck and misfortune is all what you have to accompany you like you tend to fall sick a day before the exams, you lose some of the important notes, feeling a hell lot of sleepy, one just cant resist sleep even after gulping down numerous tea cups, forgetting the hall ticket, the most unexpected questions in the paper, or maximum questions come from the part one had left, hoping that nothing would be asked from it. The worst part is when you suddenly go blank during the exams, nothing seems to come in the mind.

Anyways, I think this happens with everyone, and not just with me.

Now that I'm blogging after so many days, let me write some more:

Ok so its exam time! We all have to do them at one time or another. Somethings I have noticed about exams and people around exam season that really annoy me.

* Those people who go to the library and sit there pretending to work all day wen in reality what they do is day dream about the holidays ahead.
* Those people who tell you that they haven't finished a single thing, didn't start revising etc but then ask you several in depth questions about the topic you have an exam in! oh yeah my friend your not a book worm! You are just trying to kill time by sitting with the books all day around.
* That guy that who always puts hand up 5 minutes into the exam to say he needs more paper. Seriously what the hell are you writing about when I'd just finished entering the details correctly on the front page! or that guy who requests for a supplement even after d warning bell. Well you already got 3 hours, and you have written enough, spare the last few minutes to recheck your paper. But no, these nerds would keep writing until the supervisor comes and snatches the answer booklet from them.
* The group of people that clump together after the paper and discuss what they wrote for each question trying to get over one another. Again its over! move on!
* Have you ever noticed those people who have 'I have exams going' kind of look throughout the year and like they are about to have a mental break down and are either only keeping it under control by diasapan or some other drug! Seriously I think that after nearly 15 years of being tested every summer you'd get used to it.

Cheating - Well its just as an integral part of exams as studying :P
After all one can never study everything, and the best option one can restore to , to get some decent marks is cheating.
Engineering exams are boring, firstly because of the vast amount of incomprehensible syllabus one has to study and then when you don't finish everything(or rather anything ) , you can't even copy ;(

But I feel copying should be encouraged. Here's why:

We see the teachers shouting and telling us the importance of team spirit. Well, cheating in exams is the best example of team spirit.
You see, Everyone gets to play their part. 5 students study 5 different subjects. And each of them, show others the answer paper of the one subject they’ve studied in return for seeing the answer papers of four subjects that they’ve not studied.

Besides the above reason, cheating also helps one to plan and manage, let me Explain how, In papers involving multiple choice questions,look at the mind boggling planning of few kids:
For (a) : Scratch head with pencil.
For (b) : Stare at the teacher.
For (C) : Yawn.
For (d) : Throw the pencil down.

Oh! I wish even we had MCQ tests,it would have been fun answering and cheating.

oh! god it has been more then an hour. I guess I really can't save myself any more. I gotta start studying soon, else like the last 2 times I would be again regretting at the last moment and wishing that I had not wasted time before.

Just praying that I answer the exams well.

Dear Lord,
Sometimes I feel a little strange praying to you because of an exam.
It doesn’t really seem all that significant when you consider the “big picture.”
But right now, the test looms so large that it is all I can see before me.

I pray to you for three things:
the strength to handle the pressure that I feel,
the confidence to feel secure in my knowledge and preparation,
and the ability to keep an appropriate perspective on it all.

Help me to keep in mind what is really important, even as I focus all of my time and energy on this test in the immediate future.

All the best to everyone.