Yeah, you read it right. I HATE Fridays.

Earlier it was like Oye! It’s Friday and now it’s transformed to Oh No! It’s Friday.

There was a time when I used to look forward to a Friday, but now I actually regret when Friday comes.. Thanks to changes in the schedule - both in our college timetable and that of daily soaps. Our precious hard earned half day off (yeah, hard earned because we got it after enduring week long boring, mind numbing lectures) has been scrapped off from the timetable. I guess this half day off was hurting in the eyes of the teachers for long so they made changes in the time table to ensure that we were ripped off the last hope we had to escape from the monotonous college life.

This has thwarted the nice routine I had got accustomed to on Friday: have an ice cream on the bus stand with friends, buy another ice cream while going back home for me and my mom, enjoy it while watching a new Hindi movie…

Sadly now the ice cream is replaced by the cold chappatis in the tiffin and the movie by the lectures…

That pure indulgence and blissful Fridays are no longer there.

The other reason why Fridays are going to be boring again: Every Friday I used to watch the new movie premiering on HBO at 9 pm. But since the timings of the daily soaps have been extended to Friday, I will have to miss on that movie too. My mom owns the sole rights of remote control and she won’t let anything (even emotional blackmailing doesn’t work) stop her from watching the daily soaps.

Fridays are never going to be the same again….. :(