Blogging for some is passion while for others it’s a hobby. For me it’s a medium to express myself , a medium where I can pour out all my thoughts, unbridled, unrestrained, unrefined, unabashed. The place where I can write about the events I perceive, the people I observe, the everyday incidents which I give seldom a second thought to, about the teeny tiny moments which would have been otherwise lost in this fast paced life.
At the risk of sounding cliched, I enjoyed writing. As a kid , I used to write little stories(inspired by the people I observed in my daily life ) and poems which always had to rhyme and hence they somehow never made any sense.But it fell by the way side with time . But now I want to rejuvenate that writer in me. Before starting my blog, I read the blogs of many people and I was astonished to see how well they write. I’m incapable of comparison with them. But that doesn’t dishearten me. I know it takes years of hard work to achieve such fluency and command over a language. I’m at the initial stages, but I hope that I’ll improve with time and make a good writer.

Why blog?
Blog, because it gives me an easy retrieval system. I can archive all my work here without having the fear of misplacing it as in case of scribbling it in a notebook. I can collect online, all thoughts and things that can be helpful. It could be a news clipping, an article, quotes and poems I like, a piece of thought, a doodle. Anything.

Why didn’t I start a blog earlier?
Since the time I got introduced with the cyberspace and had contact with the first blog, I had wanted to start a blog, but couldn’t start one owing to my procrastination. But finally here I am, overcoming my perennial laziness, with my first post.

Happy Valentines Day !